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Kern County Farms For Sale


The top ten Kern County farm crops as of 2014 according to the Kern County Department of Agriculture and Measurement Standards:

Grapes: $1.718 billion;  Almonds:  $1.488 billion;  Milk:  $915.124 million;  Citrus:  $892.874 million;  Cattle & Calves:  $428.854 million;  Pastachios:  $401.049 million;  Carrots:  $288.063 million;  Hay/Alfalfa:  $227.973 million;  Cotton:  $117.568 million; Pomegranates:  $87.313 million.

Despite the ongoing drought, agricultural land sales are at a historical high and continue to climb.

Schuil & Associates  has a proven track record when it comes to finding the right agricultural property for our clients. Visit our properties for sale page for a complete list of farms for sale in Kern County. We look forward to finding the Kern County farm that will be a perfect match for you.