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Fresno County CA Farms For Sale

Fresno County Farms For Sale

Fresno County is known for being the number one county in the United States in Agricultural production. Being the number one agricultural county also means that Fresno County CA, has farms for sale, ranch for sale and dairy farms for sale that are very diverse. There are plenty of opportunities for investing in farms for sale in Fresno County. The prices will vary depending on water, soil, and location, but there is usually a Fresno County farm for sale that will meet the buyer’s needs. Farm land prices may vary from $1,000 per acre for range land to up to $40,000 per acre for specialty crops.

Located in the heart of California’s San Joaquin Valley, Fresno County is equally close to both Southern and Northern California. Fresno County has several freeways, including Highways 180, 168, Interest 5 and the 99 corridor. The County has an international airport and plenty of railroad access, so no matter where you are in the county you have easy access to the entire state.

View all of the farms for sale on our property page. Not only do we have the best Fresno County Farms for Sale, we have dozens of amazing properties listed throughout the United States.

Why buy a farm in Fresno County?

There are many reasons why you’d choose Fresno County. From beautiful land, to proximity to Northern and Southern California, Fresno has dozens of farm trails and blossom trails that impress tourists from all over the world! In addition, the county has beautiful lakes, rivers, and breath taking mountain ranges. Home to California’s sixth largest city (Fresno), Fresno County also encompasses many smaller rural communities that are full of amazing properties and farms as well. And with everything considered, Fresno county offers a wide variety of farm crops! Here are some of the best Fresno County farm crops according to the Fresno County Department of Agriculture:

  • Almonds: $1.302 billion
  • Grapes:  $905.099 million
  • Poultry:  $654.76 million
  • Milk:  $636.534 million
  • Cattle & Calves $574.875 million
  • Tomatoes:  $524.349 million
  • Pistachios  $378.286 million
  • Garlic:  $202.71 million
  • Peaches:  $193.114 million
  • Cotton:  $135.089 million

Schuil & Associates has been selling farms in Fresno County since 1983 and has a proven track record when it comes to finding the right agricultural property for our clients. Visit our properties for sale page for a complete list of farms for sale in Fresno County. We look forward to finding the Fresno County farm that will be a perfect match for you.


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