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Tulare County Dairies For Sale

Tulare County, CA is the number one county in the nation in milk production with total milk production in 2014 of $2,540,232,000. It is no wonder that Tulare County is also the first place to look for a dairy for sale, and since 1983, Schuil & Associates is the best dairy real estate specialist to begin your search with.

Tulare County is located in the San Joaquin Valley, in the heart of California. The county has stretches from the Sierra Nevada to the Coastal Mountains with almost half of the county comprising of national parks and forest. But it is the valley, with its favorable production conditions, that makes Tulare County prime diary land.

The first dairies in Tulare County began in about 1860 and the first creamery was built in 1890. The dairy industry continued to expand and exploded in growth from 1965 on with many Southern California dairies taking advantage of the low prices in Tulare County. Today, air and water regulations make the permitting process very difficult. Therefore, the demand to find existing dairies for sale is greater than ever.

Schuil & Associates is one of the leading real estate companies in the nation for dairy and dairy land sales. They not only are exceptional in dairy sales, but also provide a broad list of services, including dairy evaluations, dairy rentals, land expansion, construction assistance, herd sales, and quota sales. Visit to see the details or visit to see the list of current dairies for sale.


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