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The Lund Ranch - San Joaquin County

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Property ID : The Lund Ranch

Pending $20,176,090 - Open & Row Crops
1,354.1 Ac. Print

+/-1,354.1 Ac. Farm Ground

  • Location
  • The historic Lund Ranch is located on Union Island in the San Joaquin River Delta, just northwest of Tracy, California. The ranch is East of the Clifton Court Forebay and is bordered by Old River on the West, Grant Line Canal on the South, Clifton Court Road on the North and Bonetti Road (dirt drive) on the East. The property address is 19422 West Clifton Court Road, Tracy, CA.

  • Size
  • +/-1,354.1 Tax Assessed Acres – one contiguous parcel.

  • Plantings
  • Farm Ground – currently planted to row crops. There are almond trees planted within 1.5 miles of the ranch and a wide variety of other permanent plantings located in the area.

  • Water
  • The Lund Ranch lies within the South Delta Water Agency and receives diverted surface water from the Old River and Grant Line Canal. The Lund Ranch has a long standing appropriative license as well as five riparian and Pre-1914 claims. See additional information pertaining to diverted water on the following page.

  • APN
  • 189-040-120-000: San Joaquin County

  • Structures
  • One Home  /  One Hay Barn 74’ x 158’  /  One Shop 40’ x 60’

  • Lease
  • The Lund Ranch to be purchased subject to a lease ending December 31, 2021. Tenant is open to a transitional or long term occupancy schedule that would involve Tenant remaining in some type of capacity acceptable to all parties, be it as an ongoing tenant, as a manager, or in the transition to, and planting of, permanent crops. Tenant is a well respected farmer in the region with a long history in permanent crops.  Tenant’s extensive experience with farming this land and with planting of permanent crops in nearby locations offers a new owner a valuable opportunity to reduce downtime and virtually eliminate the learning curve associated with working a new farm.

  • Contact
  • Marc Schuil
    CalDRE:  00815172
    (559) 280-1750

  • Price
  • $20,176,090

  • Additional Water Information
  • Water Rights:
    JAL Farms Permit
    Permit ID: 002243
    License ID: 001253
    Water Right Type: Appropriative
    Status: Licensed
    Date Issued: 01/27/1925
    Face Amount: 7,870.5 acre feet per year

    The Lund Ranch has one appropriative license as well as five active claims for riparian and pre 1914 rights.

    Few regions are as important to California water as the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta where the Sacramento and San Joaquin rivers converge to discharge into San Francisco Bay.  Fed by runoff from the northern Sierra Nevada and southern Cascades mountain ranges, the Delta is a 700-mile
    maze of sloughs and waterways surrounding more than 60 levied tracts and islands.  The Delta is the hub of California’s two largest surface water delivery projects, the State Water Project and the federal Central Valley Project.  The Delta provides a portion of the drinking water for 25 million
    Californians and provides the $36 billion agricultural industry with irrigation to 4.5 million acres. (1)

    The Lund Ranch has a very long history of diverting water from Old River which runs adjacent to the property.  No water wells are needed on the farm (the only well is for residential domestic use).  All the  crops are irrigated from the surface water diverted from Old River and the Grant Line Canal.  Currently the row crops are irrigated primarily through an extensive drip system installed by and belonging to the tenant.  Drainage ditches border each field and excess water is drained away from the growing crops.  Once the property is in escrow the Buyer will be granted a due diligence period to confirm the water rights of the property. Water right questions and answers can be found on the State Water Resource Control Board web site referenced below. (2).

    The Sustainable Ground Water Management Act (SGMA) passed in 2014 requiring groundwater basins to be sustainable by 2040, SGMA requires a Groundwater Sustainability Plan (GSP) by 2020.  Said plans are likely to limit the amount of well water that may be pumped; especially in the southern part of the San Joaquin Valley.  Given these new State regulations, farms with the surface water availability of the Lund Ranch are becoming extremely popular among farmers and agricultural investor groups. Of course, neither the Seller nor Seller’s representatives can predict the future pricing and/or availability of land and water.  Prospective Buyers are advised to hire appropriate outside consultants regarding SGMA, water regulations and water availability. The subject property is located in the Tracy sub-basin and is part of the San Joaquin County Groundwater Sustainability Agency (GSA). (3)


    (1)Water Foundation Education:
    (2)State Water Resource Control Board:

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