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Barex Dairy Farm – Centerfield, UT - Utah - Other

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Property ID : Barex

For Sale - Price Reduced $9,650,000 - Dairy & Dairy Sites
620 Acres Print

Barex Dairy Farm – Centerfield, UT - Utah - Other

Listed by and presented in cooperation with MNTS, Inc. Utah License No. #5070628-PB00.

  • Location
  • Located at 605 Clarion Road – Centerfield, Utah.

  • Size
  • +/-620 Acres

  • Land Use
  • +/-274.50 Acre Dairy Site

    +/-196.26 Acres of Irrigated Cropland

    +/-149.24 Acres of Dry Pasture

  • House
  • There is one (1) +/-2,060 sq. ft. house that was built in 1979. The house has three (3) bedrooms and 1 3/4 bathrooms.

  • Milk Parlor
  • Total milking is +/-5,400 plus +/-900 dry cows and +/-4,700 heifers.

  • Dairy Barn #1
  • Dairy Barn #1 was built in 2007 and measures +/-18,540 sq. ft. The barn has a 72 stall rotary barn; holding pen; milk tank room; large, second story, office area; bottled milk room; vet supply room, bathroom, and equipment room. The barn has a capacity of 3,650 head based on Boumatic figures plus a 20% of dry cows for an overall barn capacity of 4,380 head. Two (2) 10,000 gallon vertical milk tanks (Mueller) with cooling system. One (1) 7,000 gallon horizontal milk tank with cooling system.

  • Dairy Barn #2
  • Dairy Barn #2 (measuring +/-4,050 sq. ft.) has been completely renovated with new concrete exterior walls and a newer double 16 parallel milking system. The building has a parlor, holding pen, milk tank room, bathroom, and equipment room. The total barn capacity is estimated at 32 stalls turning 4.5 times per hour, 8 (eight) hours milking three (3) times per day, and a 20% dry cow factor which brings the barn capacity to 1,382 mature cows. The milking equipment consists of mainly Boumatic parts.

  • Water
  • The subject property has a sufficient supply of water for +/-150 acres of irrigated cropland and current dairy facility needs. There are five (5) wells on the property as well as 253 shares in Piute Reservoir and Irrigation Company, and 580 shares of Dover Irrigation Company.

  • Cow Housing
  • The cow housing consists of 23 livestock corrals. 18 pens can be used as milking strings if needed with the remaining 5 pens used for dry cows. The pens are open corral pens with custom made lock-ups and Hatfield lock ups.

  • Heifer Housing
  • Calf hutches are located on the west side of the property. The corrals are located on the east side of the property.

  • Additional Improvements
  • Manure and Waste Water Handling System: There is a waste retention pond system of two large lagoons that have been lined. These lagoons can be used to pump water out to the center pivots to apply excess water.

    There are two (2) commodity sheds, two (2) hay sheds, and a 2,010 sq. ft. equipment shop.

  • Remarks
  • Milk is shipped to DFA. Seller has shipping rights of 361,000 pounds daily. Additional +/-400 acres of farmland with good soil and water rights may be available for sale or lease for additional consideration.

    Listed by and presented in cooperation with MNTS, Inc. Utah License No. #5070628-PB00.

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Barex Dairy Farm – Centerfield, UT
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