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+/-722.4 Acres – Rickreall Dairy – Oregon - OR

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Pending $12,000,000 (Land & Facilities Value) - Dairy & Dairy Sites
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+/-722.4 Acres – Rickreall Dairy – Oregon - OR

+/-722.4 Acres – Rickreall Dairy – Oregon

  • Location
  • 8845 Rickreall Road (old Highway 22), Rickreall, OR 97371 Willamette Valley, Polk County, 5 miles west of the Willamette River. 50 miles southwest of Portland, 10 miles west of Salem, 7 miles north of Monmouth, 6 miles east of Dallas.

  • Dairy
  • 1,750 milk cow dairy with full support facilities developed in 1998/99.

  • Milking Barn
  • Double 23 parallel milking parlor includes DeLaval milking system which includes pulsation, milking units, receivers, auto take-offs and transfer systems. Milking barn is approximately 3,700 sq.ft. and is constructed of a steel frame with concrete block walls. The roof is galvanized steel frame with steel purlins. Equipment list includes: 15,000 gallon silo milk tank, 4,000 gallon horizontal milk tank, Babson Bros. plate cooler, two 114 gallon pre-heaters, three gas fired hot water heaters, two Kaeser compressors, two Dari-Cool Blizzard compressors, with 12 hp motors, dual DeLaval Agri variable speed vacuum system and cooling control, with alarms.

  • Holding Pen
  • Approximately 4,280 sq.ft. is steel frame and construction and includes an automatic crowd gate

  • Maternity & Hospital Barn
  • Adjacent to Milk Barn Holding Pen 50’ x 210’ is wood frame and pole construction with auto flush, fans, and an eight station, 16 stall flat barn for milking the hospital pen. It also houses 25 close-ups with open corral for calving. Ample LED lighting for observation of calvings.

  • Calf Barn
  • Adjacent to Milk Barn Holding Pen, 50’ x 200’ is wood frame and pole construction with auto flush, fans and good lighting. Crates are for calves 1-7 days old and pens for calves 2-3 months of age. Barn includes approximately 111 stalls and approximately 106 lockup stanchions.

  • Weaning Barn
  • Approximately 40’ x 50’ located between the Calf Barn and the Heifer Barn.

  • Old Commodity Barn
  • The south side of the L-shaped building, for grass seed hulls , compost and other bedding material includes seven 40’ x 20’ bays.

  • Dry Bedding Storage Barn
  • The north side of the L-shaped building includes six 50’ x 20’ bays and one enclosed bay approximately 1,600 sq.ft. used as a shop.

  • West Utility Barn
  • 200’ x 90’ with 20’ clear height; gravel floor base. No longer used as a hay barn since the feed area moved to the east side of the dairy. Needs new tin and purlins.

  • Five Freestall Barns
  • 5 nearly identical freestall barns approximately 100’ x 470’ with two rows of 48” loop stalls, a central feed alley, and four flush alleys. Constructed in phases between 1989 and 1996. Wood frame and pole construction with metal roof and ample LED lighting. Each barn has a 19’ center feed lane with four alley ways of loop stalls. The alleyways are cleaned by a water flush system. Each barn has approximately 376 loop stalls, 460 lockup stanchions and 12 water troughs. 4 of the barns are equipped with fans. 460 stanchions x 5 freestall barns = 2,300 lockup stanchions.

  • Hay Barn and Shop
  • +/-35,000 sq.ft. wood frame and pole construction with metal roof, built initially in 2008 for hay storage, but over the years has been added onto to include: +/-2,800 sq.ft. enclosed welding area, +/-2,350 sq.ft. enclosed machinery repair area and +/-3,000 sq.ft. enclosed storage area.

  • Dried Manure Storage
  • +/-3,500 sq.ft. for processed dry manure storage.

  • Manure Processing
  • Waste water gravity flows into a 27’ diameter cistern where the water is elevated and fed through two twin screws to separate the solids. The solids are conveyed into one of two barrel tumblers which are housed in Separator Building (approximately 2,600 sq.ft.) The first smaller vertical tumbler produces plant potting material and the second larger tumbler produces a relatively dry compost bedding material. Any remaining water is diverted to the first 14 acre holding pond, where manure can settle before the water is transferred again to a second 13 acre holding pond. The first pond has an agitator for distribution of the manure when these nutrients are needed for the growing crops.

  • Commodity Storage 1
  • +/-10,800 sq.ft. built in 2003 with three (3) sides, asphalt floor and concrete stem walls with plywood extensions separating five 30’ wide bays with 20’ front clear height

  • Commodity Storage 2
  • +/-6,000 sq.ft. built in 2003 with three (3) sides, asphalt floor and concrete stem walls with plywood extensions separating six 30’ wide bays with 24’ front clear height.

  • Feed Bunkers
  • Five (5) large above grade silage storage bunkers with paved blacktop and concrete reinforced retaining walls. Bunkers 1, 2 & 3 of are identical at 80’ x 320’ with 10,000 tons of silage capacity. Bunker 4 is 50’ x 190’ with 4,000 tons of silage capacity, and Bunker 5 is 70’ x 200’ with 6,000 tons of silage capacity. (Total of 40,000 tons of silage capacity).

  • Certified Truck Scale
  • Permitted for 120,000 pounds

  • Owner’s House
  • 8385 Rickreall Road. +/- 3,147 sq.ft. built in 1996 and remodeled in 2018. New roof and paint in 2019. 5 bedrooms and 3 full bathrooms. All upper end fixtures and amenities. Three stall, attached, heated garage

  • Second Residence
  • 8365 Rickreall Road. +/- 3,320 sq.ft. built in 1997. 4 bedrooms and 3 full bathrooms. Large covered front porch. All upper end fixtures and amenities. Two stall attached garage.

  • Custom Garage
  • Between the Main Residence and Second Residence is a garage built in 2004 with a footprint of approximately 3,496 sq.ft. New Paint and Roof in 2020. Two of the four garage doors will accommodate RVs. The back side of the garage is used for a recreational area. (Also room for 5 horse stalls). On the first floor is a bathroom with shower and the second floor has a finished 500 sq.ft. heated room.

  • Underpass
  • There are two passages under Highway 22. One passage is relatively narrow allowing for only smaller vehicles. The other passage is shared with the Railroad and is of a size to allow for most any farm machinery to pass under Highway 22.

  • Domestic Water
  • Domestic water is provided by the Rickreall Community Water Association. There are no domestic wells on the property.

  • Irrigation Lines
  • There are 6” to 10” underground irrigation lines throughout most of the farmland. There are also many irrigation risers at stated intervals. The pond water is dispersed via two (2) irrigation laterals and 10 big guns and travelers. There are four pump stations on the property.

  • Irrigation Rights
  • 315.8 acres have primary irrigation rights from Rickreall Creek and within these acres is an additional 112.6 acres of supplemental Reservoir rights. In addition to the 315.8 acres of Rickreall Creek, rights, there are an additional 46.5 acres of primary irrigation rights from Mud Slough. In addition to the certified irrigation rights listed above, there is the ability to irrigate the farmland from water stored in the two main dairy ponds on the property. Storage pond 1 has capacity of approximately 157.8 acre feet and storage pond 2 has a capacity of approximately 137.7 acre feet.

  • CAFO
  • Rickreall Dairy facility comfortably milks 1,750 cows. However, the dairy is permitted for 6,000 animals which is broken down as follows: 2,600 milk cows, 400 dry cows, 1,480 heifers, 1,500 calves and 20 bulls. These numbers were based on 919 cropped acres, where manure would need to be distributed to nearby farmland through lease agreements or through manure distribution agreements. However, Rickreall Dairy has developed a profitable dairy manure processing and marketing program were significant manure solids are sold to third parties; thereby significantly reducing the CAFO acreage requirement.

  • Soils
  • Of the 555 acres of estimated tillable soils: approximately 43% is Cove Silty Clay Loam (Class IV), approximately 30% is Bashaw Clay (Class IV) and approximately 10% is Malabon Silty Clay Loam (Class 1).

  • Remarks
  • High pressure natural gas line at the property makes dairy an ideal site for manure digester depot site.

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+/-722.4 Acres – Rickreall Dairy – Oregon
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