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+/-280 Acres – CalStar Dairy – Brownfield, Texas - Brownfield

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For Sale - New $2,000,000 Land & Facilities - Dairy & Dairy Sites
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+/-280 Acres – CalStar Dairy – Brownfield, Texas - Brownfield

  • Location
    • The CalStar Dairy  is located 9 miles NW of Brownfield, TX and 35 miles SW of Lubbock, TX off US-62.
    • 1198 County Rd 525, Brownfield, TX, at the northwest corner of CR 410 and CR 525
  • Milking Barn
  • Double 30 parallel milking parlor includes GEA Westfalia milking system which includes pulsation, milking units, receivers, take-offs and transfer systems. The footprint is approximately 13,000 sq.ft. and the building is constructed of a steel frame with concrete block walls. The roof is galvanized steel frame with steel purlins. Along three sides of the building is a 7 foot wide covered porch. Equipment list includes two Gardner Denver vacuum pumps, a PBI Ross Holm hydraulic pump for the crowding gate, an Ingersol air compressor, hot water recovery system, a 500 gallon hot water storage tank and hot water heater. Milk storage is provided by two Mueller tanks with capacities of 6,000 gallons each. These tanks are refrigerated tanks cooled by four rotary compressor units and filled with chilled milk cooled by a AGS plate chiller (heat exchanger). There is an Olympian D200P4 200 kW generator powered by a diesel engine.

  • Commodity Barn
  • 40’ x 100’ and is a steel frame structure housing 6 commodity bays. The building has a concrete floor, partial sheet metal walls on three sides and a shed style sheet metal roof. The commodity barn sits on a 80’x160’ concrete slab with three open concrete bays located to the south of the barn. The commodity bays are divided by concrete stem walls. A concrete mixer lane is located adjacent to the north of the building. Two steel tanks for water and liquid feed are adjacent to the mixer lane.

  • Corrals
  • There are 8 milking cow pens along with a dry cow pen and 9 heifer pens. These pens are each graded open lots enclosed by steel pipe and steel cable fencing. The milking cow pens (8) each have steel frame shade structures (approximately 20 feet wide) with shed style sheet metal roofs (approximately 80,000 total square feet of shaded area). Concrete feed alleys (approximately 20 feet wide) are provided between pairs of pens and are each equipped with locking stanchions. The cow pens have 5 in 10 feet stanchions while the heifer pens have 6 in 10 feet and 7 in 10 feet stanchions. Water troughs are provided in each pen with pole mounted lighting provided in the cow pens. Summary of pens and capacities:

    1. 600 milk cow capacity with 5 in 10’ stanchion spacing
    2. 600 milk cow capacity with 5 in 10’ stanchion spacing
    3. 600 milk cow capacity with 5 in 10’ stanchion spacing
    4. 600 milk cow capacity with 5 in 10’ stanchion spacing
    5. Heifers: 5 heifer cow capacity with 5 in 10’ stanchion spacing – 336 heifer cow capacity with 7 in 10’ stanchion spacing & 315 heifer cow capacity with 7 in 10’ stanchion spacing
    6. 720 dry cow capacity with 5 in 10’ stanchion spacing (or 245 dry cow spaces and 475 calf hutches)
  • Hay Barn
  • 60’ x 200’ is constructed with steel pipe columns supporting a steel frame roof structure and sheet metal roofing. The building has a dirt floor.

  • Treatment Barn
  • 21’ x 48’ and is a steel frame structure with a sheet metal roof and fully enclosed storage room. Sheet metal walls on two sides while the two sides are open.

  • Scale
  • 10’ x 12’ Scale House of portable wood frame construction. The 70-foot truck scale is a Fairbanks electronic platform scale. The scale is designed with an elevated concrete deck with concrete approaches. The electronics and ticket printer are located within the adjacent scale house.

  • Calf Barn
  • 50’x 100’ building is a steel frame structure with a sheet metal roof and sheet metal on the north wall. The structure is built on a concrete pier foundation and is equipped with two swinging overhead doors, The interior has a concrete feed lane along the west side of the central alley.

  • Waste Water & Manure
  • Meets the requirements of the CAFO Permits Team at the TCEQ. Storm water and milking parlor wastewater drain into the 2 lagoons at the SE of the property feeding first through the concrete settling basin, then the primary containment lagoon with a holding pond located to the south of the main lagoon. The site is graded such that runoff from the lots drains to the south and to the east. The calf hutch area is within an area which was designed for cow pens and also drains into the 2 lagoons to the east. The wastewater from the primary lagoon is pumped onto the adjacent fields to the east through a pipeline system connecting to the 2 sprinkler systems located to the west of the dairy site. Manure produced in the lots is scraped and hauled on a routine basis to off-site locations.

  • House
  • The 1,877 square foot 3 bedroom / 2 bath, wood frame modular style home is built on a pier and beam foundation. The building has a composition shingle roof and hardboard siding. The home includes a 580 square foot attached garage.

  • Cropland
  • +/-125 acres of the property is under two center pivot irrigation systems. Besides being used for normal ag water irrigation, these systems also are used for the disposal of wastewater effluent.

  • Utilities & Water
  • The property is located within the SPWD. Potable water is provided on-site from three wells developed in the Ogallala Aquifer. There is approximately 20 ft. of saturated thickness at a depth of +/- 100 ft. The 3 wells feed into 3 21,000 gallon water storage tanks; all adjacent to the milking parlor. Water is distributed from the storage tanks to the pens. A filtration system and chlorine injection system treats the water before distributed to the milking parlor and house.

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