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Kingsburg CA Farms And Land For Sale

Kingsburg, CA is uniquely located in the Central San Joaquin Valley boasting of fertile soils and abundant water supply from the Kings River. Founded in the 1870’s, Kingsburg, CA farms and land for sale were focused in mainly wheat crops, now the Kingsburg boasts a variety of crops from Thompson raisins vineyards, cling peach orchards, peaches, plums, pears, cherries, blue berries, figs and nectarines. The supply of labor and transportation allow for the steady flow of produce and farm related products both processed fruit and fresh fruit, to be easily delivered to shipping ports in Las Angeles, Oakland and Long Beach, CA.

Kingsburg not only grows the fresh fruit but also has some of the top packing and cold storage companies in California, including Wildwood Packing and Storage, HMC Group, Kingsburg Orchards, Family Tree Farms and others. In addition Sun Maid Raisins the nationally known raisin cooperative is located in Kingsburg, CA. The ideal soil and water conditions, diversity of crops, the abundance of packing facilities, the convenience of cold storage facilities, and top marketing companies make Kingsburg farms for sale in high demand.

Schuil and Associates has a long history of Kingsburg CA, farms and land for sale and has been active in the selling of agricultural land since 1983. The price for Kingsburg farms for sale will vary from the products grown and harvested on the Kingsburg farms, from Sun Maid Raisin vineyards to all the wonderful fresh peach, nectarine and plum orchards that surround the Kingsburg area. We encourage all investors and farming interested clientele to visit our web site and come by for visit and education on the vast supply of Kingsburg farms for sale in our fertile Central Valley region.

Rick Schuil, along with associates and family members, has been associated with the Kingsburg community since 1983 having raised children and supported Kingsburg High School and Kingsburg Elementary School District in the process.


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Kingsburg Chamber of Commerce
Sun Maid Raisins