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Investing in Ag Real Estate

Agriculture real estate is a term that refers to a parcel or parcels of land, structures, that is used for production of one or more agricultural commodities consisting of a minimum acreage. Agriculture real estate generally includes a principal residence with a single-family home on the land that is utilized as part of the real estate property.

At Schuil & Associates, we help land owners, farmers, and individual buyers buy and sell ag real estate property throughout the United States. Whether you’re looking for 40 acres of a specific commodity, a dairy farm, or any other type of ag real estate, we can help you buy and sell ag property. If you are a real estate investor, it makes ideal sense to include all varieties of properties in your holdings, including the residential, farmland, and commercial area, and our team will help you on your search for the best investment property.

Is Ag Real Estate a Great Investment?

Making farmland investments is an excellent asset if you are a real estate investor looking to expand your portfolio. When investing in farmland, you immediately add an inflation-resistant asset that helps you hedge against all losses in traditional asset investments. This is because the land value runs counter to conventional equity investments. What’s more, the land also maintains its intrinsic value even in a season of recession.

Risks of Ag Real Estate Investments?

Agriculture and real estate are mostly long-term investments. Both are a lot less sensitive to market changes than those in the stock market. But all real property, including farmland, moves in cycles that include price dips. Sometimes, this is then tied to the values of crops. When agriculture prices are on a drop, the land values drops too. For those savvy real asset investors, this shows an ideal opportunity. While the prices move up and down, ag real estate land seldom sees a bubble like that one before the 2008 financial crisis. When you invest in farmland through agriculture crowdfunding, you will get all the benefits of investing in a highly lasting commodity at a lower risk.

Ag Real Estate via Ag Crowdfunding:

When seeking ag crowfunding options, it’s important to have a platform that will work for your investments. Most platforms let you create a free account to review and track the available asset. This is one ideal way to compare the platforms or make small initial investments. Try the platforms with small investments, and see which platform you prefer. Agriculture  crowdfunding gives you a lot more flexibility as in investor.

You must also consider the kind of farmland you want to invest in. With  food prices rising all around the board, any farmland might seem to be one great investment. But picking properties that produce in-demand crops protects your portfolio from any sudden drops happening in the market.

Look for the management team that will help you make the best decisions, and have roots strong in agriculture and an established online presence such as Schuil & Associates. Scams abound over the internet, and you must do your homework when you are looking for a partner in ag real estate investments. Schuil & Associates is a dedicated company that will help you make the best decisions.

At we are a family-owned business and have roots all over California. Our expert staff  has been rated number 1 in dairy and agriculture real estate. With our extensive network spread all across the United States we can find ideal real estate buying opportunities.

We are your most informed, active, and trusted partners in this ever-changing industry, and we will be there for help whenever needed. Just contact us if you’re interested in learning more:

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