Best Farms for Sale

Best Farms for Sale

The Best Farms For Sale – Schuil & Associates

Farms in California feed the entire nation. With Schuil & Associates, you can view the best farms for sale across the country! We serve property owners all across the U.S. With our roots here in California, we’ve grown by building one relationship at a time.  Here in California, the state is home to producers who are committed to conserving the nation’s natural bounty while also producing the most food. Over a third of vegetables and two-thirds of nuts and fruits are produced in The Golden State to satisfy the demands of the U.S.

California is considered among the best states for farming. California has favorable climatic conditions, which are not only great for comfortable living but are also perfect for crops. These conditions support vineyards, almond farming, dairy farming, cattle ranches, alfalfa fields, orchards, fruit trees, and many other types of agriculture for farming.

Farms for sale

According to the USGS, more than 200 different crops are grown in the Central Valley region alone, estimating around $17 billion every year. About 17% of the country’s irrigated land falls under this same region. Milk and dairy products, too, are among the highest-grossing agricultural commodities with a sale value of around $6.37 billion.

So if you are looking to relocate, buy, or sell farms in California or anywhere around, we can help you with that. Have a look at our farms for sale by clicking the link to view our listings.

Schuil & Associates Real Estate is California’s largest Ag real estate agency built on a tradition of trust and expertise. We work swiftly on your behalf, so you have the peace of mind knowing the largest and most established team in the agriculture real estate industry has your best interest in mind. And since the pandemic has boosted the sales of natural foods, now is the time to invest in an appropriate land to escalate your business plans.

Looking for the best farms for sale – See Our Services

We have a great list of farms for sale, including dairies, nut crops, vineyards, and more. You can speak to our Ag property specialists to discuss your specific interests. In this ever-changing industry, we are prepared to assist you with the best possible solutions.

Our agents provide quick and reliable valuations for the chosen property. Since most relocation often involve family businesses, we also help the next generation start in getting started in the new place.

Not just that, our team specializes in rental and leasing assistance as well. We are also well versed in land expansions as well as new constructions to help you make the most of your operational strategies. We do not just put farms for sale; we make sure they go right from conception to completion. This is especially necessary for meeting the regulatory requirements while setting up a dairy farm.

So if you have any questions, we are just a phone call away.

Farms for sale

In the end, remember that whichever option steers your decision, make sure to have a detailed budget so you can start on the right foot. When you feel ready, contact us. We regularly keep updating our listings, and you can download our mobile app to see all of our farms for sale, as well. Check the pictures and full listing details on both our website and mobile application.

Schuil & Associates Real Estate – Your One-Stop Shop To Agricultural Properties In CA

Farms for Sale

When it comes to farms for sale and purchases in California, you will not find a better and specialized real estate firm than Schuil & Associates. Operating from California’s agricultural heart, family-owned Schuil & Associates focuses on providing you the best properties.

We have a one-of-a-kind team of experts who come with an extensive background of real estate and agricultural know-how. They will help you secure the farm you have been looking for. We are a full-service real estate agency specializing in buying and selling agricultural properties, especially in Fresno, Kings, Merced, and Tulare Counties.

Valuing strong work ethics and willing to go that extra mile for our clients, the Schuil & Associates team makes the entire experience easy. Plus, our local knowledge and expertise help us make all the difference.

We have been in the business for years, and have ever-since provided nothing but the best. You can get in touch with us at 559-734-1700 or fill in this contact form to know more about the property you are looking for. You can also download our app for iOS  and Android smartphones for more convenience. These are specifically designed to provide you a seamless searching experience.