The Best Dairy Real Estate Team in the Nation

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Our people and our relationships are what makes our Dairy Team special. With an 8-person team lead by broker/owner Marc Schuil, we have an unmatched combination of personal relationships, dairy experience and massive databases. If you are looking to buy, sale, or relocate a dairy in the United States, we can act swiftly and confidently on your behalf and you will have the peace of mind knowing the largest dairy real estate team in the country is on your side.

Our Services

  • Valuations:  As a result of our many transactions; we are able to quickly and reliably assist you in determining a price for your dairy.
  • Relocations:  The bread and butter of our business is assisting buyers in finding a new dairy. Frequently this involves selling their older dairy and relocating to a bigger or better dairy.  However, it often involves a family business in which we assist the next generation in getting their first start in the dairy industry.
  • Rental:  Finding a rental facility can be extremely difficult without the right assistance.  If you are in the market for a rental facility; let us help you.  If you are thinking of retiring and are interested in leasing out your facility; we normally have a waiting list of dairymen looking for facilities to rent.  Our fees are simple; we charge the owner one month’s rent as leasing commission.
  • Land Expansion:  Everyone knows: it takes more land to milk more cows.  An extremely large part of our business has been helping dairies expand by negotiating land sales on neighboring properties.   Let the Dairy Team at Schuil & Associates be your real estate experts when it comes time to expand your land acquisition around your dairy.
  • Land for New Construction:  Government regulations for new dairy construction can be overwhelming.  At Schuil & Associates we don’t just sell land for dairy sites, we are part of the team to make sure the dairy goes from conception to completion.  We have been through the permit quagmire numerous times and we are here to help make your dream a reality.  Feel free, (at no obligation) to inquire about dairy contractors, engineers and consultants who we have worked with in the past.
  • Herds:  We specialize in selling whole herds and heifer programs.  If you are thinking of selling, be sure to contact us for a free appraisal.  Herds normally sell quite quickly once we have them listed, and as a result they normally do not get posted on this web site.  If you are in the market for cows; be sure to contact us and we will make sure you are notified as cows become available.
  • Quota: Just a piece of paper – but what a difference quota makes in our industry.  Schuil & Associates is your source for California Quota transactions.  Quota is a terrific tool to use either when expanding your operations (sell quota) or when it is time to be less aggressive and guarantee greater profits (buy quota).  Don’t understand the California Quota?  Give us a call.

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