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Marc Schuil

Marc Schuil

Marc Schuil is the managing broker of the Visalia office. His specialty is large agricultural properties in the Central Valley of California as well as New Mexico, Texas, Colorado, Oklahoma, and Kansas. Marc obtained his MBA from the University of Southern California in 1980, after which he worked three years for a real estate developer. In 1983 Marc joined the family company of Schuil & Associates. Marc’s strong investment and analytical skills have assisted him in evaluating profit potential of various agricultural opportunities. Some areas in which Marc may be able to assist you include: Dairy farms (including cows and California quota), row crop ground, and permanent plantings.

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  • Office : 559-734-1700 Ext. 102
  • Mobile : 559-280-1750

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602 Ac. Dairy & Land, Hanford

For Sale
$10,900,000 - Dairy & Dairy Sites

Dairy:                  +/-1,400 milking currently                                +/-2,500 milk cow facility plus full support corrals  Barn: Double 40 Parallel milk barn with Wasnick Bros. equipment. Two 13,500 gallon…

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602 Ac.

Shafter Dairy 472.9 Acres, Shafter

For Sale
$13,600,000 - Dairy & Dairy Sites

Water:                   Supplied by 4 ag wells.   Property is in Semitropic Water Storage District, but no access.                                                                                        Soil:                          Mostly Garces Silt Loam and some…

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472.9 Ac.

74.1 Acres Walnuts, Porterville

For Sale
$2,741,700 - Nuts, Permanent Planting

Block 1:  Chandlers planted in 2007 Block 2:  Chandlers planted in 2015 One (1) 20HP above ground pump and well Porterville Irrigation District Tagus loam…

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74.1 Ac.

74.88 Ac. Walnuts, McFarland

For Sale
$2,920,320 - Nuts, Permanent Planting

Varieties: Block 1: Chandlers +/-34 years old. Block 2: Chandlers Ground Water: One 125 Hp above ground pump and well. Surface Water: SMUD Irrigation District. Soil: McFarland Loam –…

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74.88 Ac.

Milky Way Dairy 77.53 Acres, Fresno

For Sale
$2,730,000 - Dairy & Dairy Sites

Water:                    Surface water is supplied by Fresno Irrigation District. Ground water is supplied by 50HP Pump/Well. 5HP & 7.5HP submersible pumps feed the…

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77.53 Ac.

Goldthwaite Dairy, SW Texas

For Sale
$4,200,000 - Dairy & Dairy Sites

This profitable dairy is situated on +/- 400 acres. It has the capability of milking +/-1500 milk cows.  The dairy is located in SW Texas near the town of Goldthwaite in Mills…

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321 Acres Walnuts, South Visalia

$11,500,000 - Nuts, Permanent Planting

This large walnut ranch is located just south of Visalia, in Tulare County. The property has dozens of mature oak trees scattered throughout the property, making it…

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321.51 Acres

535.22 Acres Row Crop, Shop, Office, Greenhouses and Home, Tulare

For Sale
$17,127,040 - Agricultural Facilities, Open & Row Crops

Water:                     Water is supplied by deep ag wells. Asking price includes shares in Consolidated People’s Ditch.                                                                                      Soil:                         The property consists entirely…

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535.22 Ac.

788.31 Acres Pistachios and Open Land, Kerman

For Sale
$9,500,000 - Nuts, Open & Row Crops, Permanent Planting

Water:                     Supplied by multiple ag wells (see map attached).                    Buildings:             None Plantings:              +/-178 acres Golden Hills Pistachios with UCB1 rootstock, planted…

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788.31 Ac.

Black Texas Dairy For Sale or Lease

For Lease, For Sale
$5,700,000 - Dairy & Dairy Sites

Open lot facility milking +/-3,300 cows in a double 40 parallel milk parlor. The dairy has room for full support and has +/-500 calf hutches. There…

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597 Acres

320 Acres Row Crop, Corcoran

For Sale
$3,000,000 - Open & Row Crops

Great surface water provided by Corcoran Irrigation District.  The property has been cross ripped with large 6′ shanks.  Past plantings include cotton, wheat and alfalfa.…

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320 Ac.

453.16 Acres Almonds, San Joaquin

For Sale
$13,549,484 - Nuts, Open & Row Crops, Permanent Planting

40 acres 50% Nonpareil 25% Folsom 25% Independence, planted in 2010.  Viking rootstock from Dave Wilson Nursery 80 acres 50% Nonpareil 25% Folsom 25% Independence,…

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453.16 Ac.

320 Ac. Almonds, Dairyland (Chowchilla area)

For Sale
$11,200,000 - Nuts, Permanent Planting

Ground Water: Three pump/wells. Micro-Drip and Micro-Jet Surface Water: Provided by Chowchilla Irrigation District when excess water is available. Block 1: Butte & Padre varieties planted in 2006.…

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80 Acres Walnuts, Porterville

$2,923,360 - Nuts, Permanent Planting

walnut-brochure+/-25 Acres Vina Walnuts planted in 1993 (24’x16’ spacing) +/-50 Acres Tulare Walnuts planted in 1999 (24’x20’ spacing) Well #1 60HP submersible pump.  Approximately 500…

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80 Ac.

17.9 Acres Tango Citrus, Visalia

For Sale
$594,000 - Citrus, Permanent Planting

  Turn-key ranch just north of Visalia.  Property was ripped 2 ways and laser leveled prior to planting. Tango variety on Carrizo Rootstock.

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18 Ac.

95 Acre Dairy, North Visalia

For Sale
$3,260,000 - Dairy & Dairy Sites

Great soils and only 1/2 mile outside of Visalia City Limits.  Excellent opportunity to purchase development ground at farmland pricing. Pumps/Wells Historically Riparian Water Rights…

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95 Ac.

35 Acres Citrus & Pasture, Lindsay

For Sale
$460,000 - Citrus, Other, Permanent Planting, Residential

The property is in Lindsay-Strathmore Irrigation District. 10 Acres T.I./Carrizo planted in 1986 3 Acres Powell’s/Cleo 1.5 Acres Wash/Cleo 0.5 Acres Olives

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35 AC.

45 Acres Open Ground, Hanford

For Sale
$1,450,000 - Open & Row Crops

45 Acres just outside of Hanford. 125HP pump, +/-1,000GPM, bowls set at +/-320 ft. and well depth at +/-600 ft. with 16′ casing. Excellent and…

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45  Acres

Desperado Dairy, New Mexico

For Sale
$2,495,000 - Dairy & Dairy Sites

New Mexico Jersey Dairy +/-320 Acres 1269 Curry Road E, approximately 8 miles east of Clovis, New Mexico +/-2,652 Self-locking stanchions for mature cows +/-1,688…

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320 AC.

Milbank South Dakota, 90 Acre Dairy

For Sale
$7,000,000 - Dairy & Dairy Sites

Milk Parlor: Double 30 Parallel Milking +/-2950 Jerseys Dairy: 2,050 head freestall barn and two compost barns +/- 900 head Feed Area: Commodity Storage and…

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